Four memory games

Struggling to remember details or know someone who is? Old or young, due to age, brain trauma, or just general forgetfulness, we all can work on improving our retention rate. For those looking for games to play to help others or just a fun game to sharpen your own skills here are five games that are simple and fun at any age.


Buy the classic version, the new version is a little crazy. The old classic is a great way to not only work on memory and order but also visual issues. Simple colors, simple rules, and anyone can play.


Remember this one? Find a deck of cards, lay all of them out on the table face down, and start matching. Great for kids, a good way to build memory, and a fun competition for anyone. 


Don’t break out the thousand piece puzzle; start with a hundred pieces as a great memory builder. If one hundred pieces aren’t challenging enough, move up to two hundred fifty, etc. You have to visually track and remember what you’re doing during this activity. It’s also great for little kids to do with the grandparents together. 

Word Finds

Like puzzles, word finds both improve visual and cognitive memory. Word finds help retain words and allow young reading learners or those with visual and/or memory issues work on word retrieval both literally and figuratively. Think it’s beneath you? Word finds will keep any adult’s mind sharp, so break them out at the next soccer practice and train your brain.